Reed Diffuser Tips

How To Set Up Your Reed Diffuser

  • Unscrew silver collar from bottle
  • Remove plastic stopper plug and discard
  • Reinstall silver collar on bottle
  • Insert 6-8 reeds into diffuser bottle and fan out as much as possible

Helpful Tips

  • Use only as many reeds as necessary (you may not need all 8 reeds, if the room is small, start with 6 and add more if in 24 hours if scent isn't strong enough).
  • It may take up to 48 hours for reeds to fully soak up liquid and for the scent to reach its maximum strength.
  • Do not flip reeds once you have inserted them into container.
  • Diffusers can last several (3-6) months with longevity dependent on how many reeds you insert into container.